The Pinnacles

The value of a compliment

In 2006, my Hubby and I spent two weeks in Western Australia. It was a fantastic holiday, WA is a wonderful place for the nature lover. It is gorgeous. About halfway through the holiday we had a long stretch of a drive between Albany and Toodyay. It was a road trip where we hadn’t planned […]

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Seed beads

How I fell into the world of beads

In January 2014 I had a random idea. I had been looking for different ways to use my butterfly paintings and I came up with this: And I love these earrings, they go with a lot of things. I have since created more, but at the time I was distracted with another idea. Which all […]

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Punk grandma

About me

I thought a good place to start would be me. Who is Liz Powley? (Yeah, I know, I need a better photo. It is on the list 😀 ) Liz Powley… Is a visual artist who is exploring all kinds of art, seeking inspiration and finding it in its multitudes. Is a writer of fiction […]

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