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Welcome to Gumnut Inspired!

With experience in graphic and web design, and a variety of traditional media, Liz Powley is continually exploring new techniques and ideas to further her art. This website is the home of that art. It is where you can follow, ask questions, or discover your own inspiration. Art is a journey best shared, so join the adventure.

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Recent work

Something floral

Something floral

Challenge: Something floral Tired tonight so all you get is a doodle Now I’m going to crawl into bed. Hope […]

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Friar mug

Friar Mug - Day 1 of Blogtoberfest and 31 Days of Playful Drawing

Challenge: A favourite mug (or tea cup) Okay, I admit it, this is one I prepared earlier But it was […]

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Join in the Adventure

Blogtoberfest and a little drawing

Okay, I’m nuts, I fail these things all the time, but then there has to be something to say for […]

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Still Life with Emotion closeup

Creating a painting - Part 1

I’ve just started a new painting. This isn’t anything new for me, I start paintings all the time, but it […]

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