Recommended reading

365 Days of Inspiration – Kim Manley Ort
Kim paints with her camera. She goes beyond the obvious and seeks out the textures, the colours, the emotion in the world around us. Her works never fail to stun me with their beauty. She has freed up my understanding of photography and made me realise that it can be as fluid as paint.
A Shoebox of Photographs – Loretta Grayson
If you love a rainbow of colour, you will love Loretta’s work. I first stumbled across her crochet, vibrant, eyecatching creations that had me wanting to go out and buy a shop full of wool and have a go myself. Then I discovered her paintings, equally beautiful and inspiring, I can’t think of oil pastel without pondering her technique. Well worth a visit, even if only to drool over her luscious colour.
Geninnes art blog
Geninne lives in a world of birds and butterflies, succulents and cacti, reds, browns and warm sunsets. Her skill with her brush is equalled by her skill with a camera and we catch a window into her world that is both inspiring and a little envy inducing.
kristin dudish
Kristin is an artist with a quirky sense of humour when it comes to wordplay. Her well defined use of colour catches the eye and I’m always drooling over her illustrations. She experiments with different media fairly regularly and she always has me wanting to explore further.
Rebecca Sutherland
An illustrator with a gift for paper mosaics, Rebecca is another master of colour I simply adore. Her elephants are a must to see.
White Violet Art
Cindy’s mandalas are to die for. Using a variety of media, she creates stunning circular works of art. I love the depth of colour in her work. I’m also interested in her experiments in resin as a finish.