Resources for the Drawing Lab Challenge

Here is a list of resources available to the Drawing Lab challenge participants. Me (though you will have to share me with my two young daughters and Hubby) My blog, Fractals & Facets, here. Ping me anytime. This is where the challenges will be issued on Fridays, and also where I will throw up a […]

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First Drawing Lab Challenge exercise

Sharpen your pencils…. This is the first challenge post for the Drawing Lab Challenge. Grab your copy of ‘Drawing lab for mixed media artists: 52 creative exercises to make drawing fun‘ and join us as we tackle the book together. Details of the challenge and joining can be found here. This week the challenge is… […]

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When first entered the creative blogosphere a few months ago, I almost immediately stumbled across Carla Sonheim . Not so much herself, but her book, ‘Drawing lab: 52 creative exercises to make drawing fun’. It was all the buzz amongst arty bloggers and it caught my curiosity. I now have a copy in my grotty […]

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