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Welcome to Gumnut Inspired!

With experience in graphic and web design, and a variety of traditional media, Liz Powley is continually exploring new techniques and ideas to further her art. Gumnut Inspired is the home of that art. It is where you can follow, ask questions, or discover your own inspiration. Art is a journey best shared, so join the adventure.

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Recent work

stamp montage

Creating your own stamps

Quite some time ago I created these two little books celebrating my daughters’ first year. Since then, I have explored […]

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Jewellery wip

For the love of a Gemduo

In 2014 I had a little brainwave and created my paperbook earrings – I’ve blogged about this before in How […]

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5 Tactics to Free up your Art

For many years I participated in writing groups online. I had a fantastic time. I wrote long fic, short fic, […]

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Latest Discovery

Latest Discovery - Draw with Jazza

A few months back we finally moved from the used-to-be-massive-but-now-is-tiny-tube-tv era to smart-tv-oh-wow-you-can-do-that-internet-in-my-loungeroom era. Yes, yes, that sounds odd for […]

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